Mardi, 13 Novembre, 2018

Chinese national injured in Paris knife attack

Policemen stand guard in Paris centre after one person was killed and several injured in a knife attack in Paris 1 person killed in Paris knife attack, suspect reportedly shot dead by police
Charles Cochet | 14 Mai, 2018, 09:10

The Islamic State group claimed he was one of their fighters.

Witnesses said they heard the man yelling "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest) as people fled the scene.

Azimov's mother, father and a friend are reportedly being held in custody in the city of Strasbourg for questioning.

"When you get out of the car or up from the bench or whatever it's cold, cold". "The author of this knife attack in Paris is a soldier of Islamic State", said Amaq, according to which " operation was carried out in retaliation against states of international anti-jihadi coalition in Iraq and Syria", he said.

The Interior Ministry is asking the population to avoid spreading "any misinformation".

That list currently has nearly 20,000 people, of whom about half are under active surveillance. An image of man shows him handcuffed and hooded, wearing a black shirt where you can read "defend Grozny" along with image of a submachine gun.

Another man, aged 34, was rushed to the Georges-Pompidou hospital, along with a 54-year-old woman who was also seriously injured.

BFM TV and other French media have said his surname was Azimov.

The proposal does not allow Medicare to negotiate for better deals, as Trump suggested on the campaign trail, but it does give the program more flexibility to respond as prices change.

January 7, 2015: Twelve people killed at Paris office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by Cherif and Said Kouachi.

The attacker has been identified as Khamzat Azimov, who was born in the Russian republic of Chechnya in November 1997.

Azimov had lived for several years in Strasbourg, home to a sizeable Chechen community. "From this point of view, (the Paris attack) is something of a turning point because up to now, Chechen propaganda has been focused on 'kill all the Russians' rather than 'kill Westerners'", Mr Guidere told Agence France-Presse.

The country has been on high alert amid a series of attacks commissioned or inspired by the Islamic State, Reuters reported. Analysts have highlighted recently Chechen militants as a subgroup that bears watching.

"They kept doing CPR for what seemed to be a really long time and, in the end, he passed, and they put the sheet over him", Carolina Melo said.

"It may be small, this 'Eastern contingent, ' but it is likely underestimated, too", Van Ostaeyen warned. The video is undated, but a steady rain falls behind the man, as it did on Saturday in Paris.

20-year-old Khamzat Asimov, who arrived in France as a refugee from war-torn Chechnya, launched a nine-minute lethal knife rampage through the centre of Paris.