Mercredi, 17 Octobre, 2018

Weapons inspectors 'let in to chemical attack site'

A missile flies over the Syrian capital Damascus during air strikes by the United States France and Britain A missile flies over the Syrian capital Damascus during air strikes by the United States France and Britain
Manon Joubert | 19 Avril, 2018, 01:54

Worst of all is that Iran is likely interpreting Trump's gestures as a sign that the United States doesn't regard its building of military bases and weapons factories in Syria as an issue it cares about.

If Trump doesn't understand that simply abandoning Israel in this manner is an invitation to Iranian aggression and a new Middle East war, and that this is profoundly precarious for US interests and security, then he's just as foolish as his enemies claim.

"We are very much aware of the delay that the regime imposed on that delegation but we are also very much aware of how they have operated in the past and seal what they have done using chemical weapons", Mattis said before the start of a meeting with his counterpart from Qatar.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vigorously defended his decision to launch airstrikes on Syria, responding to criticism on the joint operation by France, Britain and the United States. Syria and its ally Russia deny that any chemical attack took place. In the most boneheaded policy ever promoted by any Western government, it was Obama's call for Assad to step down that started this crisis. "This will be left to argument in biased social and other media", he said.

However, none of the three nations have made public the evidence they might have proving a link between the Syrian government and the April 7 attack.

Tempers ran high during the 165-minute session, which did not end with a retroactive vote to back the bombings.

Civilians lived in Douma for months under bombardment from Russian and Syrian airstrikes.

The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin has told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the United States, Great Britain and France have violated international law and hurt peace process in Syria by launching airstrikes at targets in Damascus.

Doane and his team met one mother waiting for bread.

Syrian government troops have shot down missiles fired at two airbases in the country, according to state TV. Britain's ambassador to the OPCW Peter Wilson said it was now unclear when the inspectors would be able to reach it.

Americans can take some satisfaction that the United States is not prepared to let the use of chemical weapons go unpunished, as was the case with Obama's humiliating "red line" retreat.

The Syrian government denied it has used chemical weapons and said that the Jaish al-Islam terror group had staged an attack to justify a potential foreign intervention in Syria.

He said it would prevent swift action and argued the Labour leader should have called for a vote of no confidence in Mrs May if he disagreed with the strikes.

Freeman is a lifetime director of the Atlantic Council and served as US Deputy Chief of Mission and Charge d'affaires at the US embassies in Beijing and Bangkok.

The Syrian "White Helmets" rescue organisation, which operates in rebel-held areas, has pinpointed for the OPCW team the places where victims of the suspected attack are buried, its head Raed Saleh said on Wednesday. The British leader noted that the opposition in Syria does not use barrel bombs or helicopters.

"It was a message from the people", said the official.

Besides the pocket south of Damascus, rebels still hold besieged enclaves in the town of Dumayr northeast of Damascus, in the Eastern Qalamoun mountains nearby and around Rastan north of Homs.

Mrs May and Mr Corbyn are expected to face each other again on Tuesday morning to debate UK military interventions overseas. Another strike earlier this month in Homs was blamed on Israel.