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Moscow: Militants Were Ordered to Attack in Syria After Possible US Strike

An airplane flies out of Beirut’s International Airport Trump: Syria attack 'very soon or not so soon at all!'
Manon Joubert | 14 Avril, 2018, 11:10

According to a statement by the French presidency, Macron called for dialogue between France and Russia to "continue and intensify" to bring peace and stability to Syria.

In the UK, cabinet ministers agreed "on the need to take action" in Syria to "deter the further use of chemical weapons", the office of Prime Minister Theresa May said.

Inflation data from the Labor Department on Wednesday showed consumer prices rose 2.4% annually in March, meeting the consensus forecast.

Hamza Bayraqdar, spokesman for Jaysh al-Islam, the main rebel group that once controlled Douma, said his fighters had all evacuated.

Any UK military action would most likely involve Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from submarines in the Mediterranean and possibly air strikes from Tornado bombers.

Keith Kellogg, chief of staff to the National Security Council, was spotted by a throng of reporters and hurried away, insisting he knew nothing.

From the semi-genocide against the Rohingya in Myanmar to the slow-motion closing of open societies in Poland and Hungary.

And last night there were reports Assad has fled Damascus in a Russian military convoy. The very mention of a CVA sends out a negative image, and investment sentiment has soured. The French president said he would decide soon whether to back a military response. "But our efforts have been repeatedly thwarted" by Syria and Russia, she said. Failed Trade Recommendations should not be rated as that is considered a failure either way. "It is not about regime change".

The Syrian government denies responsibility. This resulted in mutual deterrence during the next world war, during which poison gas was used only for genocide.

Mattis estimated the latest air campaign was about twice the size of the 2017 strike. Please add a comment in the comment field below explaining what you rated and why you gave it that rate.

As noted in the Cabinet Manual, the current state of play is that Parliament has been consulted on all significant military deployments since Tony Blair sought approval for the UK's military intervention in Iraq in 2003 - setting quite a precedent in constitutional terms.

There are no windows or drapes and Assad is not being permitted to make phone calls in case he gives his location away, the Post claims. "Hopefully, someday we'll get along with Russia, and maybe even Iran - but maybe not".

In the past two months, the US' NATO allies Turkey have invaded northern Syria to crush the independent Kurdish city of Afrin, a centre of activity by the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

But it's important in that context to recognise the Government's position on the convention for what it is - one of convenience and political expediency, rather than constitutional integrity. "We're still working on this".

Trump has slammed Russia for its partnership with "Gas Killing Animal" Assad, spurring concerns that a US strike could lead to a conflagration with Russia, which has major military facilities at Tartus and Khmeimim. The government, however, said evacuations from Douma were ongoing and no Syrian government forces had entered the town. The dangers of bombing now, which could escalate the conflict beyond belief. It also said Russian officers found no patients with chemical attack symptoms at a local hospital, and no indication of any burials having taken place of the victims.

Trump canceled a foreign trip in order to manage a crisis that is testing his vow to stand up to Assad. "As other nations step up their contributions we look forward to the day we can bring our warriors home".

We are practitioners and professors of international law.

"In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS", Trump tweeted. They are in eastern Syria, far from Damascus.

The conflict in Syria has been ongoing for over 7 years, forcing over 5.5 million people to flee the country and over 500,000 to lose their lives.

Associated Press writer Ken Thomas contributed from Lima, Peru.