Jeudi, 15 Novembre, 2018

Mnangagwa: The ruthless 'Crocodile' ruling Zimbabwe

Protesters hold posters showing support for former vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare Zimbabwe Mnangagwa to Be Sworn in as Zimbabwe's President on Friday- State TV REUTERS Philimon Bulawayo
Manon Joubert | 26 Novembre, 2017, 01:01

Britain's Africa minister Rory Stewart arrived in Zimbabwe yesterday for wide-ranging talks, ahead of Emmerson Mnangagwa's inauguration today as President following Robert Mugabe's dramatic departure on Tuesday.

At 18 years of age he was recruited by the late Willie Musarurwa to join ZAPU and sent for military training to Tanzania and Egypt. A year later in August 1963 be broke away with some cadres to join the newly formed Zimbabwe African National Union.

Zimbabwe's state-run Herald newspaper said Mnangagwa has assured Mugabe and his family of their "maximum security" as they remain in the country.

He said that it was for the people to decide, not him.

Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), was among the dignitaries at the ceremony.

Mnangagwa still holds onto his wartime name of "The Crocodile", and the veterans believe his rise to power means they have regained their place in the country's power structure. On August 12, at a rally in Gwanda in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South Province, Mnangagwa fell seriously ill vomiting blood in what was alleged to be an attempt on his life.

Several MDC officials have expressed concern in the last few days that Mnangagwa will continue to sideline them as Mugabe has done. "Sixteen days ago, I received a letter firing me from the government of the Republic of Zimbabwe as vice president", Mnangagwa reminded people. He said he was blindfolded most of the time and never saw his captors' faces.

In a landmark moment in 2016, they issued an angry rebuke of Mugabe, decrying his "dictatorial tendencies" and withdrawing their support for his 2018 re-election bid.

This raised anxiety and tension and Mr Mugabe, rather than playing a unifying role, chose to side with his wife.

Critics said many invaded farms were mismanaged, hurting Zimbabwe's agricultural production and the economy.

"The voice of the people is the voice of God", Mnangagwa declared.

And his 12-minute speech perhaps gives us an insight into the kind of man he is.

Gen. Constantino Chiwenga, who led the military takeover, and other members of the armed forces swore allegiance to the new president.

"We want to grow our economy".

He offered to resign three times, but Mr Mugabe rejected it each time.

This piece was written by Azu Ishiekwene. His fate was sealed by the liberation war comrades he had chosen to betray.

This is the first picture that has emerged since Mugabe stepped down.

Welshman Ncube, a barrister, constitutional lawyer, and long time opposition leader said: "Mugabe is a complex character". He is indeed likeable and funny person to work with and I think we are going to see results.