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Battlefront II' dissatisfies by not meeting its potential — Star Wars

State Legislators Weigh Law to Block Sale of 'Battlefront II' Lootboxes Present in Battlefront II Are Gambling, Belgium's Minister of Justice Says; Trying To Get Them Banned
Manon Joubert | 23 Novembre, 2017, 00:12

The idea here being that loot crates can be classified as gambling because you essentially don't know what you will be getting.

Lastly, Belgium's Gaming Commission announced last week that it was launching an investigation as to whether loot boxes constituted as gambling, and according to VTM News, the answer is yes (via PC Gamer).

A loot box as it appears in Overwatch.

Spoilers for the first half of Battlefront 2's campaign follow.

Are Loot Boxes a New Thing?

EA DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson also released a statement explaining the decision, days before the game's official release date. EA's stock also dropped by seven percent for the month of November.

For instance, the Classification Board could get involved.

You get to play as the heroes and villains in the multiplayer too, of course. The sales of the game appear to have been completely collapsed with a drop of more than 50% in its debut week.

The second is free-to-play mobile games, which have long relied on small transactions to make money. Then we could investigate and it could be considered a breach of legislation and we would pursue, overseas or not.

Which Games Feature Loot Boxes?

Perhaps the situation is best explained by the South Park Episode titled "Freemium Isn't free".

Are you going to try out the new Star Wars game? Appearing in games like Overwatch, loot crates contain useful items or prizes, and can either be earned or purchased.

"It's clear that many of you feel there are still challenges in the design". But that is exactly what Belgium is doing. That's generally not the case in loot boxes. How likely is that?

In a press conference (video below), Lee calls the EA-published game a "Star Wars-themed online casino, designed to lure kids into spending money", cheekily adding "it's a trap".

As for microtransactions, the argument is that you're paying for something that should already be in the game. So, many players may choose to buy the crates.

Why Do Publishers Include Them?

"I believe this fight can be won because all the key bases of political support across the country are on the same side".

Moving forward, Geens intends to reach out to the European Union in a bid to ban this mode of gambling in games.

The huge controversy around the game concerning the inclusion of microtransactions has been temporarily solved by straight up removing them. It's also particularly concerned with the proliferation of gambling-based mechanics being targeted at minors, which Wolfe said was "not just morally reprehensible, but is also legally questionable".

Hawaii House of Representatives member Chris Lee accused EA of "predatory behavior". The commission reportedly wants the practice banned throughout Europe.

All that's left is to see if they do.

Interestingly, fellow representative Sean Quinlan added another comparison, this time with Joe Camel, saying "we didn't allow Joe Camel to encourage our kids to smoke cigarettes, and we shouldn't allow Star Wars to encourage our kids to gamble". The video is specifically addressing Star Wars Battlefront II. Protagonist Iden Versio is in the centre of the box art for Battlefront 2.