Dimanche, 22 Avril, 2018

Finally! Beyoncé Shares Photo of Rumi and Sir Carter

The Carter twins couldn't be cuter Beyonce unveils first pic of twins Sir Carter and Rumi, sends internet into meltdown
Max Fresnel | 18 Juillet, 2017, 00:12

Performing leads to competition, which leads to pressure and pressure is a big part of what new mothers struggle with.

Sure, it's considered normal (and even polite) to tell a new mom that she looks amazing after she gives birth. Thank you for the beautiful pic❤️'.

In fact, it being Beyoncé, the whole damn picture is goals. In the instances that safety consultant Cox recalled, including several at Los Angeles International Airport, the pilots of the landing plane could not see the other airplane.

Spotting the photos on social media on Friday, mum Sharon said she was amused by how unrealistic the images were in comparison to her own life with twins. I was NOT prepared for this tonight!

There is nothing that Beyoncé does that isn't meticulously planned. Try it. No one can challenge you on anything. You can't say that Beyoncé doesn't look fucking incredible. It is an ecstatic composition of flowers and sky and ocean, a confluence of heaven and earth with Bey and her progeny cast as the union of these heavenly forces. The four million likes in four hours prove that.

The color blue is something that many also associate with the Virgin Mary, who is often seen in blue. If I was Beyoncé, I'd almost definitely prance around all day in nothing but a pair of bright blue French knickers and some netting on my head. We're never not fascinated by what Beyoncé is doing. Comments suggested that Jay-Z and the pop queen were solidifying their dynasty by knighting their son.

Just like the way she announced her pregnancy, she held a photoshoot to showcase her twins' pictures to the world. Took me too long for this song. And, yes, if I ever find myself pregnant, you'll find me smeyesing for my life beneath a budget flower arch somewhere. I'll let Beyoncé have this one.