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12 people killed, 25 hurt in Pakistan car bombing

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Manon Joubert | 26 Juillet, 2017, 01:03

The first emotion after an attack of this magnitude is one of despair. Just $5 a month.

DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf said a police picket was targeted in the attack. Investigators are attempting to identify the bomber and his facilitators and trace their movement.

The Punjab government affirmed that 26 individuals were killed and 57 others harmed in the impact. A fire erupted at the spot after the explosion, and glass panes of nearby buildings were blown out.

This political symbiosis with both the jihadists and Islamist parties meant that between 2010 and 2015, Lahore was largely shielded from terror attacks that continued to target the rest of the country with gruesome frequency.

A statement released to the media by the Taliban said they carried out the suicide car bombing. The deadly attacks underscore spiralling insecurity in Afghanistan as the resurgent Taliban ramp up their offensive.

"Coward and savage enemy has committed the brutal action".

The police have started investigations into the attack. Two of the biggest attacks over the last couple of years have targeted the local Christians - Pakistan's second largest religious minority. The dead in both cases are ordinary Afghans and Pakistanis. As per reports, an anti-encroachment drive was on in the area and riot police were deployed fro the purpose. The nature of blast still needs to be ascertained. He improved efficiency of security forces and intelligence mechanism in the province.

Eye witnesses say that a bomb exploded in a parked motorcycle parked on the pathway at the main Ferozpur road near old vegetable market (sabzi mandi) of Lahore.

A lethal bomb blast rocked the Pakistani city of Lahore on Monday.

A powerful explosion rocked Pakistan's Lahore on Monday afternoon.

DNA tests of the terrorist's severed limbs are being conducted while further investigations are also under way.